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Chapter 1:Their Meeting

It was Jaejoong's first day at his new school. He is so excited and scared at the same time. Excited because everything is new to him and he gets to make new friends. Scared because he got the feeling that he will be bullied again. He got bullied ever since he was little because of his looks, his beautiful girly-looking features. Jaejoong is just 16 years old and is an only child in his family.

Jaejoong's P.O.V.
It's my first day at my new school. I can't believe we moved backed to Seoul again. It feels so good to back again. Here I go to my new classroom.
End of P.O.V.

"Alright class, everyone to your seats," said Mrs. Shin the English/core teacher. "Everyone, we have a new student in our class and please introduce yourself." Almost all the guys in the class started whistling in class to see the new students. Everyone thought that he was a girl. "Hello everyone, my name is Kim Jaejoong. I just came back from Canada and I hope we can all get along. The whole class sat in silence when they heard Jaejoong speak. They were shocked because of the voice the heard. After a moment, one of the students asked him if he was a girl or guy.

Jae's P.O.V.
Why does everyone, everywhere I go have to ask that question? Oh God! Oh well I guess I have answer that again. "I am boy. 100% male for sure!" I faked a smile.
End of P.O.V.

Everyone started sighing and saying 'Oh man', 'what a waste' and 'maybe he's gay'. "Alright everyone please be quiet. Jaejoong you can go sit near Jung Yunho who is at the back. Mr. Jung, could you please raise your hand?" asked Mrs. Shin.

Yunho's P.O.V.
This new kid looks a bit shy and nice too. He also looks so cute. I guess I should be nice to him:) I smiled and raised up my hand and he saw me. He gave me a shy and a cute smile before he started walking towards me. I was happy because he was sitting beside me. He sat down beside me and looked at me with his cute smile. I was happy so I introduced myself to him again. The lesson started so we had to pay attention to it and copy down the notes Mrs. Shin was writing down on the board. I would steal glances every now and then.
End of P.O.V.
Jae’s P.O.V.
I was happy to meet Yunho because he wasn’t like the rest of the class. He was talking to me very kindly, while everyone else would be quiet and not talk to me. He was also smiling at me, which I found very adorable. When we started copying the notes, I would look at him once in a while. He looks so cool when he is serious. I was happy that he talked to me. I hope we can be good friends I prayed and then when back to the lesson.
End of P.O.V.
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